“Religious Traditions Make Void The Word Of God!” Matt 15: 6-9

Do you know the Christian church is not a building? The Christian church is a body of God elected and chosen people called out from among the masses. A people that form the spiritual Body of Christ on earth, and will soon be His eternal and heavenly family. The question is: Are you just a member of a church, or are you a member of “The Church?” Here at PLCC we’re looking for latter.

As stated above “Traditions make void the word of God”. We are committed to breaking the barriers and lore that keep people from ever taking a hard look at the man Jesus Christ and His message of Saving Faith, Liberty from Sin, and Sacrificial Love.

So much of the traditional Christian theology and belief is so absurd, it’s no wonder why so many people cant begin to take it seriously. Here at PLCC we dare to look behind the curtain and separate the fact from the fiction. We outline a logical basis to understand how Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Savior of mankind’s souls. Why He is the truth, the light, and the way. Why He alone was born, preached, died and resurrected. Why all other beliefs, religions, gods, moral or spiritual philosophies, prophets and Evolution theory sciences are but Satan acting as “The Great and Powerful Oz”, blinding the world with smoke and mirror effects. The Promised Land Community Church stands ready to clear the air with the true Biblical realty of what it means to be a Christian.

PLCC Mission – This ministry believes the world is our parish. We are touching the lives of people throughout the globe through the medium of the Internet. PLCC owns and operates many Christian related web sites. Our intention is to provide points of light to attract those souls God is inspiring to find Him. Our most visited outreach site is www.AskGod.biz Here we answer questions people would ask God if they could. A most notable question is: “If I believe in Jesus will I go to heaven?” For the answer to this question and many others on the AskGod.biz Frequently Asked Question page Click Here.

In Addition – It is our belief the Internet is a necessary tool in Satan’s plan to establish his Antichrist evil kingdom on Earth. It is our intention to resist the Devil by invading his territory as “Thorns in his side” by exercising our right to Free Speech and trumpeting the Christian message in these Apocryphal prophetic days and the soon Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. To understand how we’re doing this, please visit our hub outreach web site at: www.GodSaveTheChurch.com




Our preacher is also a big advocate for Israel and God’s chosen peoples. His current project is to help and support The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 to become a reality under the Donald J. Trump administration. It only takes his signature. The effort is spearheaded by the website: US Embassy Jerusalem,  Facebook page US Embassy Jerusalem on Facebook, and Twitter account: US Embassy Jerusalem on Twitter. Go visit the good work and get involved where history and prophecy cross lines.



May God’s peace and grace be upon you today and eternally,

Addison B. Bachman
PLCC President/Preacher/Steward